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The oodeys product selection team is working relentlessly on your behalf to find the very best in Mini PCs.
HIPER PC Box Media Center HMC-1S53A Silver
£79.50 inc VAT
The PC Media Center HMC-1S53A will fit in perfectly with your audio video equipment because of its slimline and DVD player-like design, and can also ...
SHUTTLE SG31G2 Mini PC - LGA775 Socket - Intel G31 ...
£216.67 inc VAT
The SG31G2 mini PC is completely adapted to support the latest generation of computer components, including 45 nm processors and advanced graphics ...
SHUTTLE SG31G5 Mini PC - Intel 775 Socket - Intel ...
£233.33 inc VAT
The SG31G5 XPC Barebone miniPC is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports and a Firewire port for connecting to your digital camera, camcorder or other ...
SHUTTLE SN68SG2 Mini PC - AM2 Socket - NVIDIA nFor ...
£173.34 inc VAT
The SN68SG2 mini-PC is if you re short on space and still looking for a high-performance computer that will handle all your desktop applications, and ...
SHUTTLE SS21T Mini PC - AM2 Socket - SiS 761GX / S ...
£82.92 inc VAT
The SS21T Shuttle T-Series Barebone has a DDR2 live memory and is compatible with the latest Dual Core AMD Athlon X2/FX processors for AM2 sockets. ...


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